Whitchurch Toll Bridge is owned and operated by The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge. Administrative and financial information is here. If you have a question please check our FAQ's or use our message board.

Click here for an excellent video by Alastair Craig featuring Whitchurch Bridge.

Pangbourne Approach Road (updated 5th October 2017)
We have decided on our preferred option for widening the Pangbourne approach road - details are here.

Replacement of Barriers (updated 17th November 2017)
Our new barriers are now installed, with illuminated booms and other features to enhance safety.  We apologise for any inconvenience while this work was being done.

Whitchurch Christmas Market (added 17th November 2017)
The Whitchurch Bridge Company is delighted to be a joint sponsor of the Whitchurch Christmas Market, which will be a day of fun and festivities at Whitchurch Primary School on Sunday 26th November

Charity Collections (updated 17th November 2017)
Our current Charity Bucket is for the 2017 Reading Toy Run.  Details of previous Charity Bucket collections are here - we thank those Bridge users who kindly and generously give money to these local good causes.

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