Toll Application 2014

Toll Increase as from Wednesday 12th August 2015 (updated 3rd August 2015)
The Company's Toll Application 5th November 2014 was approved on 23rd July 2015: the decision documents are the Toll Order, the Secretary of State's Decision Letter, and the Public Inquiry Inspector's Report.

The Public Inquiry
The Toll Order was issued following the Public Inquiry into the Company's Toll Application which took place on Tuesday 19th May 2015 in Pangbourne.  The Company's Statement of Reasons were as follows - we will keep these documents on our website for the foreseeable future and give not less than a week's notice of their removal. 

1   Toll Application 5th November 2014
2   Transport Charges Etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1954
3   Whitchurch Bridge Act 1792
4   Whitchurch Bridge Act 1988
5   Public Notices
6   Toll Application 31st October 2008
7   2009 Public Inquiry - Inspector's Report
8   Toll Order 12th October 2009
9   Legislative Framework
10   Bridge Utility and the Local Community
11   Communications
12   Management of Toll Collection
13   Management of Bridge Reconstruction
14   Financial Management and Business Model
15   Dividend Management
16    Opening Statement by Mr M Beckley
17a    Witness Statement by Mr G Weir
17b    Rebuttal Statement by Mr G Weir
18    Witness Statement by Mr M Brain
19    Witness Statement by Mr M Beckley
20    Analysis of Bridge Card Usage
21   Closing submission by Mr M Beckley